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Tonido is a really useful application that converts your computer in your private cloud. When we say that we mean you can convert your computer into a remote disk you can access from any other computer or smartphone.

This application works as server and client. Once configured, it grants you access to all files. It doesn't upload anything to the cloud, it is the cloud.

Once you have it installed on your computer and your computer is on, you can access your HD from any other computer via webapp or from iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

In short, if you want to have full access to your computer data and enjoy safe file transactions, Tonido is the perfect choice.

You'll be able to transfer files from computer to computer, phone to computer and viceversa. In fact you can even watch videos or listen to music using streaming.

Of course, when you install Tonido it gives you a unique ID which is the one you'l use to access your different devices, because your data will be safe at anytime.

Tonido is the way to build your own cloud.
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